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Akkadium Education specialises in learning design, curriculum development and technology-enhanced learning.

Our consultants have many years of experience in further and higher education. We collaborate with institutions ancient and modern, and work with local, national and international partners.


In today’s academic and professional practice, education leaders, supporters, teachers and learners need specific digital literacies to harness the power of technology-enhanced learning.

As learning technology specialists, we help our partners to navigate rapidly-evolving educational landscapes, and thrive in a digitally networked knowledge society.

Latest posts

January 25 2016
Interdisciplinary Project-based Learning

Russian success with technology enhanced project-based learning

Scientists at a university in Russia have improved undergraduate results with interdisciplinary project-based learning.

January 15 2016
Conversation Theory

Gordon Pask and Conversation Theory

Gordon Pask’s technology-enhanced learning strategies moved beyond Behaviourism and pioneered Conversation Theory.

January 14 2016
US Air Force pilot

Robert Gagné and instructional design

Gagné’s instructional model was originally developed for military training. Decades later, we look at its contribution to today’s learning technologies.